Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Babylon 5 (Fandom Listing)

Babylon 5 (1)

I discovered this show during its initial broadcast run on TNT. I was in my teens at the time, and since no one in my family liked it, I could only catch episodes here and there. Despite this, the show stayed with me and has become a strong influence on my science fiction. In 2010 I finally had the pleasure of seeing B5 in its entirety from start to finish. It is a remarkable experience and one that I recommend to anyone who enjoys the unfolding of a story. Season 5 has some weak spots in comparison to the other four, but from listening to the DVD commentaries, I gather that JMS was told to wrap up his storylines in s4 and subsequently got the greenlight for a final season. With that information in mind, it's pretty clear that the problem with season 5 is the loss of momentum from the previous year.


Sheridan/Delenn *


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