Monday, May 20, 2013

Confession # 8: I Used To Be Terrified of Darth Vader

So, I don't like Anakin.  I love Darth Vader.  And I used to be terrified of Darth Vader all at the same time? Yes.  Well, technically no, I suppose.  I didn't know anything about Anakin for most of my life.  I already loved and was terrified by Darth Vader long before the Prequels came out.  Never let it be said that I am an uncomplicated woman.

I had a recurring nightmare about Vader for years.  It began in my early childhood, after I saw Star Wars, and it continued well into my adult life.  In the dream, Luke and Leia had been captured and were being held on a spaceship.  I think it was supposed to be Vader's flagship, Executor, but I'm not sure since Executor appeared in The Empire Strikes Back, and the ship in my dream looked more like Tantive IV, the one where Leia was boarded and captured in the original film.

Anyway, I snuck on board the ship and was trying to rescue the twins, but Vader knew I was there and found me.  The bulk of the dream consisted of me running through the white hallways with Vader chasing me.  Eventually he would draw his lightsaber and close in.  There were sometimes more details, depending on whether or not I made it to the twins.  If I did, there were some lines of dialogue, but only Vader did the talking, and the only other sounds in the whole dream were his breather (getting closer) and the snap-hiss of his lightsaber.

I didn't stop having that dream until around 2008, when I was deep in the heart of a Vader related project with Aruna7.

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