Monday, May 13, 2013

Confession #7-I Love Darth Vader

Earlier in this series, I wrote at length about how much I dislike Anakin Skywalker.  It should follow then that I hate Darth Vader, but I don't.  I was afraid of him for a long time (I'll talk more about that next week) and I always thought he was horrible to Princess Leia, but he intrigued me.  His dialogue with Obi-Wan in A New Hope showed me someone who was, for all his apparent strength, still trying to prove that he was better than his old teacher.  His interactions with Luke showed me someone who was capable of acting with honor--in a bizarre, twisted way.  So, I came to like Darth Vader a whole lot by the time he died.  I just wish that Anakin Skywalker had lived up to Vader's potential.

I learned to love him a whole lot more by writing about him.  I'll (hopefully) be talking about that again when I return to my 100 Things I Learned From Writing Fanfiction later this year.  Granted, the things I wrote about in my fanfiction were based on my own inferences and observations, so, maybe I love my own ideas of Vader's character a little more than the person we see on the screen but I'd like to think that I learned a little something about the Dark Lord from all the time I spent exploring that character.

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