Monday, May 6, 2013

Confession # 6-I Wanted to Marry Lando Calrissian

This is going to be a short post in comparison to most of the others in the series.  There really isn't a deep confession here.  Remember that I was a little girl when I first watched Star Wars.

I think I shipped Han and Leia before I knew what "shipping" a couple meant.  The term most likely hadn't been invented yet.  Either way, I knew that Han and Leia were going to get married someday.  I never liked Luke, so even though I thought it would be awesome to be Princess Leia's sister, there was no way I could marry him. 

Somehow, it occurred to me that I could marry Lando.  Lando was pretty awesome.  He was charming, funny, a little bit dangerous and prone to getting into trouble.  He probably needed to have a wife to keep him in line.  If I married him, I could have all kinds of adventures, and I'd probably get to hang out with Han and Leia all the time!  So, there you have it.

...I feel the need to mention that I also wanted to marry Michael Knight,  Danny Williams from the original Hawaii 5-0 and James T. Kirk.  I guess I was going to be a polygamist.

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