Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beauty and the Beast (Fandom Listing)

I will never forget when I first discovered this show, some time late in the original run of Season 1. It's because of Beauty and The Beast that I first became interested in fandom activities as a cultural phenomenon.

Like Babylon 5, this was a show that I couldn't watch regularly when it was on television. That said, Vincent and Catherine's story was a compelling one that I took every opportunity to catch up on.

My favorite characters were Catherine and Father, so like most fans, I was unhappy with the show's final season. However, I did think that the character of Diana Bennett had a lot of potential. It was unfortunate that she had to be introduced the way she was.

I picked up the DVDs a few years ago, but I'm still waiting for an opportune time to watch the series from start to finish.




  1. I am a long fan of the show, and a writer of fandom, I am always looking for new stories. I had written one many years ago called AfterDark. It was chapter one of an ongoing story. I had this story online, and a copy on my computer. But the copy I had, got destroyed. I am wondering if you have ever read it or heard of it. I wish to write a second chapter for everyone to read, but wishes to rerelease the first draft . If you can help that would be great. If not, I'll just keep looking. Thank you.

  2. I'm sorry, I just saw this now. Unfortunately, I can't help, but if you let me know the name you were writing under and the timeframe in which it was published, I'd be happy to ask around.