Thursday, October 31, 2013

Geez, Where Did This month Go???

Wow. This month has gotten away from me. I've been thinking about my 100 Things series a lot, but I guess I didn't realize how quickly October was going. This month, I've had the unexpected pleasure of getting to help a close friend work on her project for NanoWrimo. You can read all about that here.

My friend's project happens to be a Star Wars AU that she's been working on intermittently since shortly after I started my biggest and most intense fanfiction project, One Path, in 2007. Jessica and I were just chatting one night, and we realized that (1) her story really needed some solidly developed orginal characters, and (2) we happened to have the perfect ones to fit the theme and storylines of her project just sitting around our heads from a SW roleplay we did between 2005-2007. The only problem was that her story is set in the Old Republic Era, and their characters lived well after the Old Republic fell, sometime around 500 ABY. (Which, for anyone who isn't into Star Wars, would be 500 years after Star Wars: A New Hope.) So, we had a lot of adapting to do when it came to getting our characters into a much different time. In the Star Wars universe. I think we did pretty well. Other fans will have to be the judge, but I'm pretty excited.

I'm thrilled to see my friend writing again. She has been really struggling with her writing for several years now, and it's great to see her starting to enjoy it again. I'm happy to have a chance to work with her, and I'm happy to be able to give our old characters some new life and (hopefully) more satisfying outcomes this time around.

The process of working our characters into her plot has given me a lot to think about. Some of it relates directly to my section of the 100 Things series that relates to AUs. Others are just thoughts on writing fanfiction for fiction in general.

Posts I have coming are:

Defining AU
Why Are You Writing This Anyway?
Who Is This Mary Sue Chick Anyway?
Mary Sue and Why We Love Her
Mary Sue and Why We Hate Her
Nobody Cares About Your Dumb OC
Give Me A Good OC Any Day
Pathos, Angst, and the "Worst Possible" Scenario

I am still writing these posts with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, so you can blame any weirdness on Dragon tracks I missed during cleanup.


  1. It feels good to be brainstorming with you again. :)

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