Sunday, January 23, 2011

More Music Recs For January

I'm a bad geek. I'm behind in all the episodes of my currently airing fandoms and I haven't watched any of my Christmas/birthday presents yet. The reason for that is I'm still plugging away at my Nano novel. (So much for "finish the draft in January.") The good (or bad) news for visitors to the Fandom Garden is that this means I'm offering another music rec this week.

Subject: Abandoned Toys
Title/Season: The Witch's Garden


01. Within a Lilac Clutch
02. The Witch's Garden (Prelude)
03. Vermillion Reflections
04. Where Red Shadows Slumber
05. Flickering Embrace
06. The Great Dreaming Swan
07. Spiraling Into the Sun
08. Flowering Ashes
09. The Witch's Garden

Genre:Contemporary Classical, Progressive
Similar Artists:Ophelia's Dream, Dark Sanctuary

This is the only album I have by this band, but I like it a lot. The genre may sound off-putting, but Abandoned Toys is for Nightwish fans as well as classical music lovers. It's atmospheric, edgy, spooky, and beautiful all at once. My favorite tracks are Flickering Embrace and The Great Dreaming Swan

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