Sunday, September 5, 2010

September Music Rec Post

My internet problems appear to be solved. Thank you, Brian from the phone company! Anyway. On with the show. I'm about halfway done the "Thirteen Things" theme I started in late August, but I'm going to take a break this week because I've decided to start doing a monthly music rec on the first Sunday of the month.

I've been slowly but surely updating my list of music, and if you take a look on the music page, you can see that my life is a testimony to eclectic taste and adoration of music across genre. (And as of this post, I haven't even finished updating the C's!)

The more I work on the music page, the more I realize how much wonderful music I've been exposed to, both from growing up around people of different age groups and backgrounds and, in the past ten years or so, making friends through the internet who have even more varied tastes than myself. I feel privileged to live in a time and culture where we have such a marvelous variety of styles and genres.

I hemmed and hawed about what to start with for a while and then I just said, "the heck with it" and started with the first album on the list.

Artist: Aaron Lines
Title: Moments That Matter


1. Cheaper to Keep Her
2. Moments That Matter
3. Somebody's Son
4. Let's Get Drunk and Fight
5. When We Make Love
6. It Broke Off
7. Everyday Heroes
8. Just Drunk Enough
9. Sometimes It's Summertime
10. Nothing Like You

Genre: Country
Similar Artists: Blake Shelton, Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan

Aaron Lines is a Canadian country artist who's been recording since the early 2000's, but I only discovered him about five months ago during my last country music jag. He stands out to me for several reasons, the first being that he can actually sing. His voice is pleasant and melodic, but the twang may not be for everyone. I enjoy this album enough that I don't mind. The songs are a great mix of fun, upbeat tunes and serious/thoughtful ballads.

Moments That Matter and Somebody's Son are now among my all time favorite songs in any genre. Just Drunk Enough and It Broke Off are hilarious, the latter being a song I can relate to so well it's scary. When We Make Love and Nothing Like You are standard love songs from a lyrical perspective, but Lines' voice makes them noticibly pretty. (It is permissible to call a male singer's voice "pretty," right?) Cheaper To Keep Her, which is apparently Lines' biggest hit to date, is palatable in small doses but very irritating if left on repeat by accident.

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